When the flight is complete, you can see and explore the top balloons for each question in the flight. You can also export the results to a CSV file by clicking on the more icon to the top-right.

Now that the flight is over, you can optionally remove anonymity when you are logged in and take credit for any of the balloons you’ve launched. On the balloons that you launched, you will see a claim link to the right-hand side of your balloon. When you claim one of your balloons, others will now be able to see your name linked with that balloon. (This does not change the anonymity on any of your other balloons.)

You may also choose to claim your comments as well! Just click on the down caret to unstack the comments and click claim on any of yours that you would like to claim.

Allowing flight participants to claim their contributions removes any concerns of freeriding - no one can take credit for your ideas and contributions! It also provides incentive for everyone to participate!


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